Corporate Info

Corporate Overview

Name ADMAP Inc.
Established July 1st, 1996
Share Capital 160M Yen
Share Holder
Ratio of shareholding
Ferrotec Holdings Corporation (100%)

Business Contents 1. Production & Sales for CVD-SiC products
2. Production & Sales for semiconductor manufacturing module parts
Representative Yasuaki Matsuda, President

Corporate Philosophy

To continuously improve corporate value and
earn the trust of the global community.

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Management principles

  • Care for the environment and value our relationships with people and society.
  • Contribute to furthering society through our position as a manufacturing company.
  • Exist as an invaluable partner to our customers.
  • Create a global business that contributes products to the global market.
  • Value compliance throughout all corporate activities.

Message from President

Since the 1980s, ADMAP Inc. has been recognized as a leader in high purity ceramics for semiconductor manufacturing. We developed our own ultra-high purity SiC by CVD (chemical vapor deposition), and offered semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, semiconductor manufacturing process components and associated engineering services. To our customers, we appreciate for your sincere support given to ADMAP Inc.
As of July 2015, ADMAP Inc. has become a member of Ferrotec Group. This will enable us to further expand our own technology and products in a rapidly changing global market. All employees of ADMAP Inc. will remain engaged in the business, actively leveraging the technology and the network of Ferrotec, to create new value, to quickly respond to customers' needs, and to contribute to our society.

Yasuaki Matsuda
Yasuaki Matsuda

Corporate History

1982 Began chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology development at the Tamano Research Center of Mitsui Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd. (MES)
1986 Established the New Materials Dept. in the Machinery Division of MES
1987 Incorporated large-scale SiC facilities
1988 Incorporated CVD-SiC coating technology for boarts and tubes used in semiconductor manufacturing
1994 Business transferred from MES to MES subsiriary Sanzo Metal Inc.
Launched sales of Solid CVD-SiC dummy wafers
1996 ADMAP Inc. (100% subsidiary of MES/Capital: JPY 100M) was established.
Operation of new material development was transferred from Sanzo Metal Inc.
Advanced Material Sales Department was newly added within MES for sales and marketing.
2007 Created new Sales Division to take over CVD-SiC product sales and marketing from MES
2011 Capital increased to JPY 150M
Transferred all new materials development from MES to ADMAP
2013 Capital increased to JPY 160M
Established U.S.A. subsidiary, ADMAP Ceramics Inc. (100% subsidiary)
2015 As of July 1, Ferrotec Corp. purchased 66% of the shares of ADMAP INC to make a consolidated subsidiary. (Joint coporation of Ferrotec Corp. and Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.)


President Yasuaki Matsuda
Vice President Hirohisa Ishizaki
Director Fumitomo Kawahara
Director Eiji Miyanaga
Auditor Miyoko Namiki


JapanMAPMAP Tokyo


Corporate Social Resposibility

Declaration on Compliance

Have the trusts of our customer and business partners to be our first concern. Promise to obey the laws and company rules and we do our business as our activity to follow the society’s practice or customs. ADMAP holds up 9 points to follow carefully as minimum standards for our corporate activities so that each employee can review their act everyday.

1)Fair dealing
2)Export control
3)Reception, gifts, donation
4)How to deal the information
5)Accounting and taxation business
6)Contact with antisocial forces
7)Distinguish social and private life
8)Work enviroment
9)Environmental conservation

Procurement Policy

Build fair and equitable relations with all business partners.

Procurement principle

Strive to exist as a company that is needed by our business partners, our customers, and society.

Conduct guidelines

1) Conduct fair and equitable transactions.
2) Comply with the law and adhere to agreements.
3) Strictly manage acquired information and do not disclose externally without permission.

Quality Policy

Provide value that satisfies our customers.

Quality principle

Provide products and services that satisfy our customers and continue to exist as a company that is
needed by the global community.

Conduct guidelines

1) Work to make continuous improvements to the quality management system.。
2) Adhere to the social requirements and fulfill our social responsibility.
3) Value customer feedback and work to fulfill expectations.
4) Always focus on the environment and safety.
5) All employees make their best effort to achieve quality guidelines.