Solid CVD-SiC technology was cultivated during the development of engines.
Protecting materials even in ultra-high heat and high-pressure environments.
Technology developed for such extreme environments is applicable
not only with engines, but in a variety of fields.

Manufacturing technology enabling the creation of structures using only thin film elements.
For example, in the semiconductor field,
this has led to the formation of a new market for SiC dummy wafers.
This technology contributes to the economy, to the environment, and to society.

Combining thin film technology with other fields will open
the doorway to many more possibilities.

For example, energy.
What can we do to improve efficiency and productivity?

For example, automobiles.
The environmental performance demanded today can be achieved
through our tradition and technology.

For example, medical.
We can contribute to the field of ever-advancing medical devices
by challenging ourselves to create more refined products.

For example, aerospace.
The strength and quality required for the most severe environments.
Pioneering the unknown with thin film technology.


Through collaborations with ADMAP technology in a variety of fields,
we can create an entirely new generation of products.

Pioneering the Future with CVD-SiC Technology