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SiC technology

ADMAP’s SiC products are founded in the proprietary CVD-SiC manufacturing technology developed by MES. Our products offer ultra-high purity, high anti-corrosiveness, high oxidation resistance, high heat resistance, and high wear resistance. Our products are used in numerous fields.

SiC technology

CVD Coating technology

We provide coating that achieves high purity and superior consistency for isotropic pure graphite and sintered SiC material. From semiconductors to industrial machinery, nuclear power, and the aerospace fields, our products and services are highly praised.

Solid CVD-SiC product manufacturing technology

Applying coating technology, we offer products constructed solely from dense SiC film structures. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from flat plates to complex structures. We have vast experience applying this technology in difficult operating environments, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment utilizing ultra-high temperatures and plasma.

Solid CVD-SiC product manufacturing method Example: Wafers

01Graphite substrate processed into a disk shape
Graphite substrate processed into a disk shape
02Full CVD-SiC coatingFull CVD-SiC coating

03Substrate exposed using perimeter etchingSubstrate exposed using perimeter etching
06Grinding / Polishing,surface removal,washing, inspectionGrinding / Polishing,surface removal,washing, inspection 05Results in two thin film disksResults in two thin film disks 04Substrate removed in a high temperature oxidation atmosphereSubstrate removed in a high temperature oxidation atmosphere

SiC physical properties

The property values are only for reference.
The values are not guaranteed since they may vary upon the factors.

- Representative values

Category (111)
Oriented material
Isotropic material
Density g/cm3 3.21 3.21
Bending strength
(Room temperature)
MPa 382 539
Tensile strength
(Room temperature)
MPa 294 -
Young’s modulus
(Room temperature)
GPa 478 447
Hardness   HK:3500 -
Thermal expansion coefficient
(Room temperature〜1000℃)
1/K 4.5×10-6 4.5×10-6
Heat conductivity
(through-thickness direction)
W/m・K - 264
Heat conductivity
(surface direction)

W/m・K 280 236
Specific heat J/g・K 0.65 0.67
Specific resistance
Ω・cm 104 ≦102

- Impurity concentration based on radiation analysis (unit: ppb)

Na Co K Cu Zn Mn Fe Cr
<2 1.3 <60 <50 9 <9 35 26

- Impurity diffusion coefficient(cm2 sec, at : 1300℃)

Element CVD-SiC Si
Fe 6.5×10-14 1×10-5
Co 1.3×10-13 3×10-5
Cr 6.3×10-14 5×10-6
Au 8.6×10-14 3×10-5

- Corrosion resistance

Atmosphere TemperatureSubmersion time(h)Change in mass
6N HCl Boiling point
1470 Not
9N HNO3 Boiling point
1470 Not
19N H2SO4 Boiling point
1470 Not
Hydrofluoric acid (49%HF) Room temperature 168 Not
Fluonitric acid (17%HF+83%HNO3) Room temperature 532 Not
Phosphoric acid (85%H3PO4) 160℃ 168 Not
Nitro-hydrochloric acid 80℃ 186 Not
Air 1500℃ 146 Not
HCL gas 1200℃ 25 Not


Centered on our proprietary CVD-SiC technology, we combine the analytical and design capabilities to become involved in projects from their inception in order to provide the best possible solution.


Solution examples

・Large-scale parts development for a high-temperature annealing device (boat, holder, nozzle)
・Developed narrow-pitch film cassette boat
・Ultra-high purity SiC powder material
・Larger parts for next generation

Solution examples Solution examples
Solution examples  

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